Happy Christmas!!

Christmas music in the style of Skies Speak. I hope you enjoy : )


Testament (Instrumentals)

Instrumental versions of some of my favorite tracks from my first album, ‘Testament.’


At War With The World

'At War With The World' is Skies Speak's official sophomore album. Immersed in sections washed out ambience that evolve into heavy hitting electro- industrial soundscapes; it engages with systems and idealogies we often take for granted.


I Promise You Were Never Alone...

I created this 4-part ambient piece to perform before a discussion about loneliness. The topic -- 'The End of Loneliness" --was put on by Faith Forum, a group from Lafayette, LA whose talks encourage thoughtful conversation about life's biggest questions. All sounds, besides the piano, were created using analog synthesizers and field recordings from a local library, which were then programmed and sequenced using Native Instruments Maschine software and hardware.


About the artwork

Hannah Gumbo is a multi-media artist currently working from her cozy studio in downtown Eunice. She can usually be found working on a variety of projects at once, hoarding garage sale finds she hopes to someday re-purpose, doing some serious procrastinating on Pinterest and making art with whatever she can get her hands on. 

Artist statement

My husband and I began sharing a studio together into 2014. As he began expressing his thoughts through music, I was in the other room experimenting with pastels, charcoal, and acrylics. Working alongside one another in this space, I have listened as ideas were given voice and sound blossomed into melody. Taking it all in, the air was filled with inspiration that trickled down into my paintbrush. These six pieces are a representation of the songs created. They are a testament to the journey, a battle scar, an embracing of heartache, an acceptance of circumstance, a sliver of gold, a desire for depth, a resolve to hold firm, an outer reality of inner vision.

See what she’s working on next (Instagram) @notallthatglittersisgumbo